VUB Engineering Summer School 2023

VUB Engineering Summer School 2023

Course dates:
3 July, 2023 to 7 July, 2023
400 euro
Engineering & Sciences
Application deadline:
Monday, 15 May, 2023
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Brussels, Belgium

General information

Are you an undergraduate (bachelor) student with minimum two years (or a background) in engineering?
Do you want to make a head start in your career and education and learn more about topics ranging from steel production and how to reduce the impact of CO2 to robotics and machine learning?
Do you want to learn how a real-world multinational company operates and applies the latest of engineering technology to its operations?

If you answered yes, yes, yes, then hesitate no longer and apply for the VUB Engineering Summer School! 

The summer school will give every subject addressed ample time and consideration.

On the first day, there will be a welcome session outlining practicalities for the week, with an outline on the education and research activities at the VUB, and an overview of the learning objectives and activities of the summer school itself. There will also be an introductory class to ArcelorMittal.

The rest of the first week will consist of lectures, from VUB professors and industry speakers. Various topics will be addressed, such as steel production, Al, robotics and machine learning. On Thursday, we invite you to a private tour and visit to ArcelorMittal's facilities, where you will see all processes you have learned about during the summer school applied to real examples and applications. Besides the learning activities, there will be ample of time for social activities to enjoy the VUB campus in summer and the nearby centre of Brussels, including a tour of Brussels, a visit to Ghent and a closing reception.


There are three accommodation options: none (i.e. you find your own), or a hotel room on a shared basis (based on gender), or a single hotel room. The hotel in question is located in the Brussels EU Quarter. 


We offer three registration fee options. In all cases the tuition fees are included, as well as all lunches, a tour of Brussels, travel to ArcelorMittal, a visit to Ghent, materials, and some other activities.

For the registration fees that include a hotel option, breakfast is included as well. Please note that travel costs to and from Belgium are not included.

Summer school fees with NO accommodation - €400
Summer school fees with SHARED accommodation (sharing with person of same gender) - €800

Summer school fees with SINGLE room accommodation - €925

ECTS accreditation


Contact information

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