Supporting the Development of Children’s Behaviour with the ABA Method (CANCELLED)

Supporting the Development of Children’s Behaviour with the ABA Method (CANCELLED)

Course dates:
13 July, 2020 to 17 July, 2020
Early-Bird Course Fee (until March 31, 2020) - 300€; Regular Course Fee (after March 31, 2020) - 350€
Multidisciplinary, Social Sciences
Application deadline:
Thursday, 30 April, 2020
Tallinn University
Tallinn, Estonia

General information

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is most well known in terms of autism intervention. However, ABA is applied in many other fields such as behavioral medicine, Organizational Behavior Management, safety and risk mediation, sports training, sleep problems, self-management, etc.

The goal of the curriculum is to provide participants with a basic introduction to the field of ABA, how is it used today, why is it so well known in relation to autism and in what other areas of social life does using ABA derived intervention strategies and methodology provide meaningful change. The course will cover the basic behavior analytic principles and provide students with the opportunity to disseminate behavior analytic research as it applies to Organizational Behavior Management, behavioral intervention for autism, health and safety, etc.


Tallinn Summer School arranges accommodation for foreign participants at student dormitory (5-minutes walk from the university, double and triple rooms).


Online registration form on the website

ECTS accreditation

Students who are present the whole course period and successfully complete their assignments to the teacher by the date to be determine will be granted 2 ECTS.

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