Russian Language

Russian Language

Course dates:
8 January, 2018 to 26 January, 2018
440 EUR. For students 390 EUR.
Application deadline:
Friday, 1 December, 2017
Tallinn University
Tallinn, Estonia

General information

Our close ties with our neighbour allows us to make full advantage of resources from Russia – the teachers in the course are all native speakers of Russian with degrees from universities in Moscow and St Petersburg, and they all use the most up-to-date teaching materials published in Russia. What is more, the course offers a real opportunity for genuine communication in Russian – while at the same time offering European standards of safety and service.

This programme differs from other summer schools located in Russia or western countries, since it offers a unique bridge to the Russian language and culture.

Why study Russian in Estonia?
  • The geographical location and a relatively small size are the major benefits of Estonia. They make our country especially attractive for visitors both from East and West.
  • Almost one third of Estonia’s population are native Russians. The majority of Russians live in the northern part of the country, where Tallinn is situated.
  • The tradition of Russian Studies in Estonia dates back to the nineteenth century. Nowadays teachers and lecturers of the Summer School hold their degrees of Moscow and St Petersburg Universities. The connections with the universities and publishing houses in Russia provide us with the most up-to-date methods and materials for teaching Russian as a foreign language. We combine the traditional approache to teaching Russian with the latest trends in this area. This allows us to maintain high standards of teaching Russian at the forthcoming courses and to make the studies as fruitful as possible for every single participant.


Tallinn Summer School arranges accommodation for foreign participants at student dormitory (5-minutes walk from the university, double and triple rooms)


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ECTS accreditation

The course gives 5 ECTS

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