Popular Culture: Berlin and Beyond

Popular Culture: Berlin and Beyond

Course dates:
18 July, 2020 to 15 August, 2020
1,100 €
Multidisciplinary, Social Sciences
Application deadline:
Saturday, 20 June, 2020
Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS)
Berlin, Germany

Course Description

This course is meant to show Berlin as both, a setting of popular culture practices and phenomena as well as a protagonist and source of inspiration thereof. We will consider the many facets and dimensions of popular culture, including its history and various modes of ideology within. We will then see how these are intertwined with the cultural history of the city and its urban, social and political developments.

The course will cover a whole range of pop culture representations related to the city in different ways: film, television, comic books, fiction, music, paintings, street art etc. and will discuss their significance within the historical frame of reference as well as their international impact. We will also look at how these popular culture representations on one hand reflect the city and on the other contribute to the way Berlin is being imagined, perceived and remembered.

Studying the history of popular culture, students will be able to see various cultural disciplines and practices as interlinked and as having a mutual influence on one another. Providing theoretical as well as practical approaches, the course aims at developing critical thinking and embracing popular culture representations in the context of a given time period and political setting. It shows artistic and cultural practices as related to one another in time and space and therefore also allows for a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective.


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