Generative AI for Writing, Research, Analytics and Prototyping

Generative AI for Writing, Research, Analytics and Prototyping

Course dates:
15 July, 2024 to 18 July, 2024
Early-bird discount (until 31 March) - 300€, regular course fee (after 31 March) - 350€
Fee advantages:
Fee reduction
IT, Multidisciplinary
Application deadline:
Saturday, 10 June, 2023
Tallinn University
Tallinn, Estonia

General information

This course is a hands-on introduction to generative artificial intelligence. You will learn to use AI tools (not just ChatGPT!) to generate and manipulate text and images, and analyse textual data.

These skills will be put to use right away in the form of a small guided course project, completed in teams of 1-3 participants. The project choice is entirely up to the participants; template project ideas will also be provided. The goal is to use AI to go from idea to product in four days. This outcome could be a research paper, data analytics project, blog, AI-assisted learning of a new skill, AI-driven product prototype, or anything else. Collaboration will be encouraged. Reading materials will be provided in advance. The course culminates with project presentations on the final day. The instructor will do his best to provide guidance and mentorship in the project development process. This course itself will serve as a proof of concept to demonstrate that many tasks that would otherwise have taken weeks or months can now be completed in a matter of days using the right tools.

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