Data Mining Without Coding: Using RapidMiner in the Context of Education

Data Mining Without Coding: Using RapidMiner in the Context of Education

Course dates:
18 July, 2022 to 29 July, 2022
Early-Bird (until March 31, 2022) – 350€ / Regular (after March 31, 2022) – 400€
Fee advantages:
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IT, Social Sciences
Application deadline:
Wednesday, 1 June, 2022
Tallinn University
Tallinn, Estonia

General information

This course is designed to give an overview of applying data mining in an educational context to students without a computer science or programming background. Some examples of the data mining methods that will be learnt include supervised machine learning algorithms like Decision Trees, Rule Induction, Support Vector Machines, and Artificial Neural Networks. In addition to that, unsupervised learning methods like clustering and association rule mining will be practised.

Even though most of the examples are in the context of education, the data mining methods taught in this course can be applied to any other context (e.g., e-commerce). This course equips participants with capabilities to implement bottom-up methods to find existing patterns and relationships in their datasets and employ predictive analytics to predict future results. The learners will experience the hands-on practice of implementing various data mining techniques on different synthetic and real-world datasets in free open-source software.


Tallinn Summer School arranges accommodation for foreign participants at student dormitory (5-minutes walk from the university, double and triple rooms)


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