Brewing 2

Brewing 2

Course dates:
29 July, 2024 to 16 August, 2024
EU/EEA citizens 4250 DKK/Non-EU/EEA citizens 7600 DKK
Fee advantages:
Full fee
Engineering & Sciences
Application deadline:
Monday, 1 April, 2024
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

General information

The course contains an introduction to the basic raw materials in brewing: malt, water and hops. We go through the basic processes in the brewhouse, the brewer's yeast, fermentation, maturation, filtration and corresponding process equipment. The process ends with packaging of beer and types of containers.
The course also contains subjects surrounding the production of beer: beer history, the role of beer in society, the Danish and international brewing industry and the basics of beer and health.
We introduce new product development, innovation and tasting of different beer styles.
We make a brew in the pilot brewing plant and visit a brewery and a micro brewery.
We go through the basics of brewing chemistry and microbiology, brewing calculations, brewery hygiene and CIP (Cleaning In Place), beer stability, soft drinks and supply chain management.
We are looking into the pairing of beer and food.

At the end of the second week there is an exam.

Afterwards, the student will make a literature study project for one week.

Basic raw materials in brewing: Malt, Water, Hops
Basic Proces: Brewhouse, Brewer's yeast,
Fermentation, maturation and filtration, process equipment
Beer Packaging;  Container types.
Beer history
The role of beer in society
The Danish and International Brewing Industry
Beer and health; the basics plus
New product development and innovation
Beer styles; introduction and taste tasting
Visit to a brewery and a micro brewery
Pilot brewing
Beer Chemistry and Microbiology, the basics
Brewing calculations
Brewery hygiene and CIP
Beer stability, the basics
Soft drinks
Supply chain management, the basics
Pairing beer and food
1 week project


Please note that the summer courses are non-residential. Participants are responsible for finding and funding accommodation during their stay in Copenhagen.

You can use different online portals to search for accommodation, such as:

Hostel World

UCPH Housing Foundation (acceptance letter from UCPH required).


ECTS accreditation

Bachelor level


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