Course dates:
7 August, 2018 to 23 August, 2018
Degree and PhD students €990 / Professionals €1490
Engineering & Sciences, Multidisciplinary
Application deadline:
Tuesday, 26 June, 2018
University of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

General information

Target students
The course is aimed for students with a bachelor’s degree from any field of natural science. No background in atmospheric science is required.

N.B. Students attending the course “Air Quality in China” at the Helsinki Summer School in August 2018 are eligible to apply to the Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences based on their academic performance at Helsinki Summer School in the summer 2018.

Students who have submitted their application to Helsinki Summer School’s course “Air Quality in China” will be offered detailed information concerning the separate application process to the Master’s Degree Programme in Atmospheric Sciences later in the spring 2018.

What is good air quality and what determines the quality of the air that we breathe? This course on modern atmospheric science examines the key themes and processes affecting air quality from the vantage point of physics, chemistry, meteorology and policy-making. The course has a particular focus on China, where the megacities are facing new kinds of air quality problems. We will reflect both on local factors and on the history of air quality in Europe and the United States.

Learning objectives
Students are introduced to current research in atmospheric science with a focus on air quality and a view on the current situation in rapidly developing China.

After the course the students will be able to define emissions using given emission and vehicle classes, connect the influence of weather fronts to air quality and predict if the forecast weather will lead to an improvement or decline in it. The students will be able to calculate global energy balance, use basic online remote sensing tools and tell how air quality index values are defined from measurements. The students will also learn how policy and other societal tools have been used, and they will learn to search for atmospheric information.

Excursion expenses
Eexcursion expenses approximately 190 EUR, paid in cash during the course. Expenses cover travel expenses, accommodation and meals during excursion to Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station.



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