21st digital century storytelling

21st digital century storytelling

Course dates:
8 August, 2017 to 18 August, 2017
Degree and PhD students €690 / Professionals €990
Social Sciences
Application deadline:
Monday, 7 August, 2017
University of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

General information

Target students
The course addresses Master’s and doctoral students from the educational sciences, the social sciences, the humanities as well as media and communication related studies. Participants should have some experience of digital technologies and/or an interest to integrate the Internet and its services, and web-based environments for research and study purposes (e.g., for data collection, reflection, individual and collaborative work, etc.).

This course aims to provide multiple channels for communication by using digital technologies and telling stories on Web-based social environments and platforms. Course participants will be engaged in authentic experiences of making and sharing stories with the digital in audio-visual and textual format. To this end, they will be introduced to various storytelling genres, narrative forms and styles. On the way, they will blend modalities and develop 21st century digital story making and telling literacies and competences.

The course will also offer insights into using digital storytelling in research and as medium empowering storytellers in different contexts. For storytelling purposes, we will be using a web-based platform where participants will upload, share and edit their digital stories for individual reflection and group work as well as interaction and collaboration, face2face and online.

Learning objectives
Participants will develop 21st-century literacies and skills necessary for structuring digital stories in visual and textual format. In this way, they will be able to meet current scholarly and practical needs such as entering and sustaining dialogues related to their fields and studies actively, creatively and with a critical eye.



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